Originally from England, I came to America as a wee lad of 9 with terrible teeth and an accent that screamed “I’m different, pick on me”. I’ve since lost the accent. Believe me, at nine years old it was considered neither cool nor sexy. That’s me on your left beaming like a dummy next to comic Jim Norton.

I love animals, dogs in particular and currently have a female mutt that was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico, spayed, administered shots and shipped all the way to New England apparently to ruin my hardwood floors, bark at my neighbors and wet the bed.

I listen to loads of stand-up comedy, the darker the better. The best people I’ve met in life are the ones that can laugh at anything – no matter how horrible.

I play guitar and have some formal music training, much of it involving posing in front of the mirror and wishing I were in Motley Crue. I’m also responsible for the tune you’re currently hearing which will ideally stick in your head for the next 18 hours. Unless you’re on mobile, in which case it doesn’t autoload because WordPress stinks. If that’s the case, feel free to click the play icon at the bottom and enjoy.

I’ve worked in advertising for 20+ years, beginning as a copy intern at Arnold Worldwide. The reason I got into advertising? The dress code. I didn’t know what I wanted to do out of college but I knew that whatever it was, I didn’t want it to involve wearing a suit and/or tie.

After beginning my career spending years as an agency copywriter working on print, radio, TV, collateral and web content for various consumer and B2B clients, I wanted to know more about the big picture and how exactly my script became a radio or TV spot, website or print ad. So I jumped into production. I learned a lot during 10 years as an agency producer. Including the most important lesson of all – producing stinks and I prefer to write.

So I returned to copywriting in 2009 and haven’t looked back. Although I do enjoy being able to bring my production knowledge and relationships to realize the creative vision.

There, that should have you all caught up on my big important career.