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These 3 print ads were a pro bono assignment. We knew we wanted to stand out and when looking at the ads currently in wedding publications – where this ad was going – we knew that the best way was to avoid all the wedding photo type ads already in there. These ads were eye catching, clever and had the client’s phone ringing off the hook.


This ad for the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority highlighted the problem and suggested a solution in a simple, smart way.


With this execution for Stanley Tools Professional line of products, we wanted to make a playful connection with the consumer while highlighting the benefit of the product.


I love the art direction on this print ad for Constant Contact’s Event Marketing product. It goes perfectly with the headline, which is clever while conveying a key selling point of the product – you’ll look great to your customers and it doesn’t cost you much.


My favorite in a series of print ads for Constant Contact. We made a testimonial video of the business owner, grabbed a nice looking key fame and added a headline that talks about the passion a business owner has for their products while acknowledging that they may not know how to actually sell to customers. 


Two in a series of print ads for the Rhode Island Historical Society. The idea was to have a headline that teased an interesting moment in Rhode Island history, then prompt them to learn more. Now, these were pre-internet so the customer was asked to call and visit landmarks in the state. 



Two in a series to raise awareness of the continuing AIDS epidemic in the state of Connecticut. Sponsored by CVS, these ads confronted public attitudes towards the condition, which many thought to be going away or curable.