MCPHS Housing

MCPHS Housing Website

Created for the Massachusetts School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences this site provides an “MTV Cribs” style introduction to the various dorms available by allowing users to watch video tours of all the rooms. The landing page changes from day to night in real time and has a subway that appears based on the real schedule of the actual stop at this location.


MCPHS Careers Website

This microsite for the Massachusetts School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences uses simple animation to allow prospective students to learn more about the areas they may want to enter. It features 7 embedded videos of school alumni who actually work in the profession. The site presents a lot of information in a fun, easy to explore way.

Milk Off

Milk Off Website

With this website for the American Legacy Foundation we play off the the fact that tobacco executives once claimed drinking two glasses of milk a day was worse for you than smoking. There is a video game where you milk a cow in a race against a tobacco executive, and also a function which allows you to send emails which a cow sprays out of its udders. Yum.

Hairy Mail

Hairy Mail Website

This website for the American Legacy Foundation targeting cigarette smoking was a play off the fact that cigarettes contain a chemical also found in hair removal cream. The site was created to let users send email messages to their friends, written in hair removal cream on a hairy back. The cream animates, fun ensues.