M3 Conference Opening Video

For this assignment, I needed to come up with an idea in days that would say “Boston” and could be shot & edited within a week with no budget. This video announcing the location for the anti-malware group’s annual meeting was received to thunderous applause. I’d like to say we paid to use the music, but I’d also like to play guitar for Ozzy. I’m starting to think my chances of that are dwindling too.

Small Business Week Opening Video

This was the opening video for Small Businesses Week, an event attended by thousands of small business owners nationwide. I had 4k for the whole video so came up with this solution, it even has real people in it. It relies heavily on cool music and was meant to be a big, inspirational piece. People loved it. Usually, the opening video is all numbers and boredom, this was something new and fun.

MCPHS Campus Tour

This video for the Massachusetts School of Pharmacy & Health Sciences was created as a recruitment tool to show prospective students what life at MCPHS in Boston is like. We made basically a music video with an original score and decided to go with no voice-over. The opening and closing segments poke fun at the usual and expected admissions video. This video was extremely well received and had much higher viewing numbers than all their competitors combined.

Autoresponder Video

Galileo Video

Royal On-Board Video

This video was to be shown in the ships onboard movie theater so we set it up like a regular movie trailer complete with rating card, animated type and dramatic music and SFX. I’ve produced many videos like this using stock footage, existing client footage or footage shot specifically for the project but this video is great because it has such a strong concept. If you don’t like it you’re dead inside.

MCPHS Nursing Video

This video for the Nursing Program at the Mass College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences has an intro designed to look like a TV show. We did original music & graphics, even the eerie SFX at the beginning. Sure it bogs down with all the info the client shoved in it, but it gets back to fun at the end with another TV like ending sequence.