I never knew anything about the difference in quality when it came to car parts. In fact, I shamefully know basically nothing about how a car works. But when I went to a body shop and they showed me just how much stronger original factory parts are, I came up with this cutesy way to show it on-screen. I didn’t know how we were going to end but was shocked that both kids could get on one bumper and still not have it bend. It made for a great end shot.


This TV spot for Anthem Health was based on a true story and demonstrated the extent of coverage Anthem offered. I’ve always loved glass blowing so this was great. We got to meet the blowers and have them walk us though the process. It was impressive to see so much of it still done by hand and the experience it takes to do it correctly. Now I’m just rambling about glass blowing but it is pretty cool. For me the spot was creatively so-so (note the woman’s cheesy glance at the lamp right at the end) but it worked for the client and the campaign was a huge success.


One in a series of spots for the New Haven Ravens minor league baseball team. I always loved the headline for this, it was done at a time when the Sony Playstation brand was completely dominant and this spot showed exactly what my friends and I would be doing should the unthinkable happen and our console broke.

Sony wasn’t happy with the use of their brand so we later had to change the art card. I then traded in my PS1 for a Nintendo 64. I sure showed them.


Wow, kid fighting over a…VHS tape. Yes, this spot is a little old but would be just as valid today only they’d be fighting over a blu ray disc. This was my first TV shoot and I never knew how long it takes to shoot hands struggling over a tape. Apparently about 6 hours.