I think this site looks pretty amazing considering how little I know about doing this myself. And while it will eventually be the greatest website that ever was, this theme seems to hate audio files. So while you see no play button on these spots, it’s there. On the far left, right where you’d expect it to be. Go ahead & hover over it and you’ll see it’s clickable. The play button is black. Black on black. Brilliant. Anyway, enjoy.

Village Pizza

This radio ad for Anthem Health Highlighted their unique difference – no referrals needed to see a specialist with their HMO. The spot highlighted how silly it would be if you had to do that for other good and services. Now that I’ve worked as a producer I realized how expensive and difficult this spot was to pull off. If you’re out there Angelo (the agency producer), I’m sorry.

Sports Fanatic

This spot for the CT Lottery was really fun to write. At first the idea seemed like the guy may come off as a creep who’s obsessed with children’s games but the actor did a great job playing the “loveable loser”. After spending a few ears as a producer I have no idea how we got away with using the names of board games like “Candyland” and “Monopoly” without being sued. I suspect it was luck.


One of two spots, these were really fun to write, mostly because I got to go to a Sprint Cup race & meet Tony Stewart, the driver that voices them. He was great and told me he thought the spots were well written. He was probably being kind, but I’ll take that as him being a big fan of my writing. I’m now a big fan of his.

Wise Man I

It’s rare that a bank lets you have any fun in a radio spot, especially when you have to fit in 3 – 4 products. This bank was no different but a custodian read them while cleaning out the trash and upon his enthusiastic review they were produced. The bank received calls from day one complementing the spots and had many walk-in customers as a result. A huge success that was literally in the trash.

Wise Man II

And here’s another one in the campaign. The voice actors really nailed the concept and the music is perfect.


Another spot in a campaign for Anthem Heath which highlighted the benefit of no referrals needed in their HMO. It point out how silly this would be if you were to apply the rule to your everyday life. In this instance a smarmy lawyer is explaining, in great length and complexity, what is needed to get a consultation only to find out that isn’t what is needed.


Can I write a spot for a celebrity that’s full of puns? You bet I can. Can the production company drop cheesy country music AND terrible garage SFX underneath it? Absolutely. Check out this spot read by the great Tony Stewart. Or as his fans call him, Smoke.